Belief in Self

Self-doubt is an extremely significant concern when it comes to having a psychological condition, particularly since stigma carries that all individuals with psychological conditions have compromised judgment, whether they are undergoing treatment or not, regardless of how long they have been symptom free, that they have demonstrated control over said symptoms, or that the symptoms are in remission.


Working through this stigma, and the discrimination it engenders, can be difficult enough; with enough exposure, an individual can begin to believe it is accurate, though - a concept known as self-stigma, which is extremely harmful in its own way, undermining someone's faith in their own judgment, and affecting their ability to grow as an individual.


Believing in one's self ultimately involves risk - which, for some individuals (and, with understandable reason), can be intimidating, if not terrifying, depending on their life experiences, such as trauma from harm inflicted by others or unsuccessful attempts to push their limits in the past.


With belief in self, though, can come the ability to push away self-stigma (as well as give the courage and certainty to push back against stigma and discrimination), and address what is one of the most difficult trials of having a psychological condition; for some, the effects of stigma and self-stigma can be more detrimental and devastating than their symptoms, especially since while one can get away from others being harmful towards them, one is always with themself and how one sees themself.

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