Booklets and Directory

Kalamazoo Hope has compile a vast amount of resources over the years, some local, some distant or off the beaten path, and some rather unexpected and unique.  If one is looking for a wide range of resources in a small package, KHOPE's Essentials Booklet would be an excellent place to start, whereas its Directory contains individual booklets specializing in various areas such as Finances, Legal assistance, and Treatment.

Kalamazoo Hope reserves all rights to its material.  However, they can be downloaded and printed out for review or distribution by individuals, organization, or others.  However, this may only be done if not gain, financial, material, or otherwise occurs when doing so, and conspicuous attribution is given to Kalamazoo Hope. 

A PDF reader is needed to view these Booklets; a free one that can be downloaded is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

For screen readers - KHOPE's theme photo, an open hand in a field with a butterfly on a fingertip

Essentials Booklet

Kalamazoo Hope's Essentials Booklet is a condensed version of KHOPE; it was made to provide quick access to core, essential resources without the need to access its website, and is approximately 20 pages long.  In short, it is meant to help someone start a new life.  Virtually all of the resources include physical addresses as well as telephone and internet contact information.

Kalamazoo Hope Essentials Booklet (pdf)