Crisis in the Community

If you need urgent assistance, please visit the Immediate Help page, or dial 911.

While Kalamazoo Hope focuses primarily on helping individuals, events may occur which affect the local community as a whole; with this in mind, the Community section was created to provide help to individuals in the Kalamazoo County area who are dealing with the psychological impact such situations can bring.   

This said, it is critical that one take time to rest (and if necessary, make time to), in order to be in a better position to help, care for, and put themself in a calmer state of mind, and therefor be able to be healthy and available to help others.  Material to help with this can be found on the Relaxation page.

Information related to immediate situations can be found on the Current Matters page.

Regarding Psychological Conditions and Violence


In dire events causes by individuals, psychological conditions are often immediately presumed to be the reason that individuals engage in harmful activity, even if no evidence is present to indicate such; it is important to note that having a psychological condition and violence are not synonymous.


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