Current Matters - COVID-19

Please be sure to not take in too much stressful material at once; click here if you need help relaxing.

For information related to COVID-19, please visit on of the websites listed below; more resources can be found further down the page.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The Kalamazoo County Government Website

Michigan Coronavirus Website

The National Institute of Health (NIH)

The World Health Organization (WHO)

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Health Essentials


The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center has no ties or relation 

to Kalamazoo Hope or its founder

Social Distancing

The Rush University Medical Center has no ties or relation 

to Kalamazoo Hope or its founder 

Obtaining Mental Health Resources at Home

Working With Health Care Providers

If available, telehealth provides the opportunity for one to interact with a healthcare provider (such as a counselor, psychiatrist, or physician) from a service location or home.  This option may be covered by one's insurance; to learn more, please contact your insurance company, as well as your medical specialist, to see what options exist.

Telehealth: Technology meets health care (Mayo Clinic) 

VA Telehealth Services

What are Telehealth and Telepsychology? (American Psychological Association)

Medicare-related links (please note: Medicare has made changes to its telehealth coverage in response to COVID-19.

Coding and Reimbursement (American Psychiatric Association)- Medicare billing codes for psychiatric services

Telehealth Insurance Coverage (Medicare)

Telehealth Services (American Psychological Assocation) - Medicare billing codes for counseling services

If you need support but are unable to connect with a service provider at this time, Support Services are listed on the Immediate Help page.

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Prescription Delivery

Prescriptions can be obtained by mail, depending on factors such as one's insurance provider or pharmacy; below are a few which allow one to have their medicine delivered or mailed straight to their home! For additional information, both for individuals and service providers, please read below, or contact your insurance company or pharmacy.

Sources for Prescriptions by Delivery/Mail

1) Advanced Health Pharmacy

2) Arcadia Pharmacy

3) CVS Pharmacy

4) Gull Pointe Pharmacy

5) K-Med Pharmacy

6) Kalamazoo Long Term Care Pharmacy - offers prescription delivery services to FACILITIES that provide ongoing care for individuals; for more information, please contact Beth at (269)-388-4850, x224


8) Walgreens

9) Walmart 

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Ways To Help

A sense of helplessness can greatly increase one's stress; it is hoped that these options will provide a way for one keep busy, regain a sense of control, provide support to others, and save lives!

Provide Supplies

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and related materials are desperately needed by health care workers at this time, including masks, gloves, and cleaning materials; please see the following for specifics.

Of note: scented cleaners may cause an allergic reaction with some individuals - please ask the organization you wish to donate to if they accept such items.

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Reaching Out - Being involved in the local Kalamazoo County area can provide a life-changing service at this time. Some of it can be done on one's own from home, while others can be integrated into a weekly shopping tripping, or worked on online with others.

Being there (figuratively, if not literally) - with most people staying at home, things can get lonely; a great thing one can do for virtually nothing is to call, text, email, or otherwise contact individuals one knows, and just touch base with them for a little bit.  A quick hi, asking about their day, sharing a funny meme, or going up against them in online gaming can provide a type of soothing comfort, recognition, and touch with humanity that can't be purchased.

Expressing appreciation - people who are at work right now have a significant likelihood of exposure; thanking them, whether it is in person, or simply by calling up a service you like (a local grocery store, a government office, or transportation service, for instance), and simply thanking them for their working is quite a lot, and lets individuals know that they are being thought of, and providing a reminder of how important they are.

Mix in donation shopping - while one is out on a run for supplies, perhaps something might be spotted that isn't needed, but could be invaluable to a local medical service (please see above), or could be provided to a distribution organization that is helping people stay supplied at this time.  Some extra paper towels, food, or other items can make an amazing difference, especially for those who have difficulty getting around in general and/or have resource limits.

Showing Patience and Understanding - during this time, a significant and continuous amount of stress is present; trying to keep this in mind, and giving a bit more leeway, as well as showing more patience, can mean quite a lot (also important - be sure to do this with yourself!).

Work with others (safely!)  - Various community groups have developed to help address issues that have arisen in relation to COVID-19 needs; one may have outlets that appeal to your interests and could use skills you possess.

1)The Facebook group Kzoo Covid-19 Mutual Aid helps to coordinate efforts to assist individuals in obtaining resources that are difficult to find or get to.   Exchanges are made by picking up/dropping off items at a person's (closed) door, without any face-to-face interaction; volunteers wear personal protection equipment, and items are sanitized.

2) Michigan's Coronavirus website has a page listing numerous ways to volunteer in ways that can provide assistance in relation to COVID-19 at this time.

3) The SWMI Protective Gear Project unites individuals in helping to make and distribute masks to those who need them.

4) Volunteer for COVID-19 Relief Efforts (Gryphon Place) - a listing of various volunteer opportunites.

5) There is currently a significant need for blood donors

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