Helping One's Community

Working to be caring and supporting towards those with psychological conditions in one's life (including one's self) is extraordinarily life-changing; but for some situations, a community effort requiring numerous individuals may be needed; the following ways are options individuals can pursue if they would like to take an even more involved step in helping individuals with psychological conditions be respected and safe.

Utilizing (or not utilizing) certain terms can help with how those with a mental health condition are treated and feel; this can be an especially notable area where one can help when one communicates with numerous people regularly - be it an in-office newsletter, in one's social media feed, or as part of a media service.

Another very critical area where one can help is by studying legislation on the local, state, and federal level related to mental health and voting in ways which assists those with psychological conditions.

In addition, there are various organizations in the Kalamazoo County area one can assist, be it through volunteering, raising awareness of mental health (such as having business cards at one's workplace), and donations.  Should one wish to become thus involved, the following are some notable nonprofit organizations that provide mental health services or in some way assist those with certain psychological difficulties/trauma.  With the exception of Soldiers' Angels (which allows one to provide moral support to veterans and troops), all specifically serve  the Kalamazoo Count area.

If you would like to know of several free ways to support Kalamazoo Hope, please visit the Support and Donate page.