KHOPE's Creator



My name is Scott Anderson; I am a mental health peer, meaning that I have personally worked with psychological symptoms (first being diagnosed at age six), and use my own experiences to help others.  I see what I have worked with as both useful and challenging; while my symptoms have presented difficult times in my life, I have also gained insight into understanding psychological conditions and working with the various aspects related to them, allowing me to use my skills and background to reach out to and help others with mental health struggles.

I founded Kalamazoo Hope (originally known as Kalamazoo County Resource Nexus, a.k.a. KCRN) in January of 2012 as a passion project. I started, and continue to fund, KHOPE using a portion of my disability stipend;  I operate it with a desire to aid the Kalamazoo County area, contribute to my own personal growth and development, and provide inspiration to individuals with disabilities.  In 2018, I chose to refine its focus from general assistance to specifically helping those with psychological conditions