Kalamazoo Hope is a peer-created and operated psychological health guide for the Kalamazoo County, Michigan area; its goals are to:

1) Connect individuals with psychological conditions with information and resources to help increase self-reliance, as well as obtain a more stable and healthier life

2) Aid individuals with psychological conditions in overcoming self-stigma, in particular, self-doubt of one's own judgement

3) Help individuals to learn about and understand the basics of psychological health, be they individuals with a diagnosis, family, friends, those wishing to be better informed on the topic, or who wish to be there for others

4) Be a source of support, encouragement, and information regarding psychological health in the Kalamazoo County area 

5) Provide individuals with ways in which they can become involved with and aid those with psychological conditions, be it through personal interactions, volunteering, supporting organizations financially, or by other means.