While knowing one's self is important, outside feedback and reassurance from others, particularly peers who can relate to an individual and understand their life experiences, allows one not only to feel believed, but also that they are understood and not alone.  It is hoped that the following support groups and programs can help one connect with such individuals.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Kalamazoo (DBSA)


I Live with a Disability

NAMI Kalamazoo (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

OutFront Kalamazoo  - offers LGBTQ-friendly support groups

Overeaters Anonymous

Pathways Clubhouse (MRC Industries)

Recovery Institute of Southwest Michigan

The Sancturay (Kalamazoo Community Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services - KCMHSAS or KCMH)

Sex Addicts Anonymous