Privacy Policy

Kalamazoo Hope's website may use cookies or other means to collect basic information (such as the number of visitors); any personally identifying information (PII) is only disclosed under certain circumstances (please see below).  

If one wishes to increase the level of privacy, please disable browser cookies, apply blocking software, and/or or discontinue use of the website.  


How to Disable Cookies


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Regarding information collected by and submitted to Kalamazoo Hope, it will only be provided to those outside Kalamazoo Hope under the following circumstances: 


1. As required by law.

2. In order to ensure the health and safety of others.

3. To prevent a crime.

4. For the protection of Kalamazoo Hope and those who operate/work/volunteer for it

5. To third parties which can assist Kalamazoo Hope in its mission (such as a website host)

6. No protection will be afforded to those engaging in hostile, aggressive, harassing, or otherwise harmful behavior towards Kalamazoo Hope or those who operate/work/volunteer for it; this also applies to unrequested solicitations.

However, please keep in mind that, even with stringent effort and safeguards, it is not possible to completely guarantee security of information.


Thank you for your trust,


Kalamazoo Hope