Kalamazoo Hope's purpose is to provide support to individuals in the area of psychological health.  It seeks to do this by acting as an online guide, and showing ways for individuals to better understand mental health, so that individuals can better care for themself, be there for those close to them, and improve the lives of those in the Kalamazoo County, Michigan area.  This includes:

1) Helping individuals connect with psychological health-related resources

2) Providing insight, perspectives, and experiences to help individuals better understand psychological conditions, as well as help those working with symptoms know and feel that they are understood, and not alone in their challenges

3) Being a source of material to help support the Kalamazoo County area during times of crisis

4) Working to help psychological health be better understood, and reduces barriers that effect it, with a particular focus on mental health stigma and self-stigma

Kalamazoo Hope is not intended to act as a primary health care provider or source for medical treatment, though it can help individuals find such.  For more information, please see KHOPE's Disclaimer page.

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