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Kalamazoo Hope was originally started and operated with some of its creator's disability stipend; while it was possible to sustain KHOPE for eight years this way, expenses and growth took things to a point where donations were needed for it to continue operating in 2020.

Expenses for Kalamazoo Hope include website building products, domain names, supplies (such as printer ink), and maintaining/replacing hardware and software.  Just having, designing, and caring for website itself is $500 a year.

Financial support given to KHOPE will be used to help it continue to pursue its goals and provide resources for individuals and the Kalamazoo County community.

In addition, there are free ways one can help Kalamazoo Hope and the Kalamazoo County area; another very valuable step one can take is to help spread awareness of Kalamazoo Hope and its services; some options include:


1) Word of mouth


2 ) Liking, Following, and Sharing Kalamazoo Hope on Facebook, as well as mentioning Kalamazoo Hope in one's social media


3) Placing KHOPE's business cards at one's place of work (available for free upon request)


4) Including a link to Kalamazoo Hope on your personal, business, or organization's website

For screen readers: an image of four individuals talking, with one looking down to read a tablet

Thank you for any effort you make, or amount you choose to give - it is very much appreciated


Scott Anderson, Creator and Peer Guide

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card