Support and Donate

If you've been looking for a chance to help those with psychological conditions, but haven't been sure how, I would like to make a request.

I originally founded, and for over seven years financed, Kalamazoo Hope using funds from my disability stipend; however, recently, there has been a significant cost increase (over 25%) in various services used in operating and maintaining KHOPE.  With this in mind, I am reaching out to ask for community support in funding Kalamazoo Hope into the future. 

On a personal level, working on Kalamazoo Hope has been very beneficial regarding my personal growth; it has given me a way to focus on, address, and express various aspects of my symptoms, connect with individuals in the community, and discover additional mental health resources for myself; my counselor considers it to be quite helpful for me in my development and self-improvement; I also recieve a great deal of joy and satisfaction with the work and changes I accomplish through it.


How Do Donations Help Support Kalamazoo Hope?



Making individuals aware of Kalamazoo Hope can occur in many forms, ranging from business cards to advertising on social media.  



Costs related to this include paying for KHOPE's business email address (, as opposed to and a dedicated phone number, which allow me personal privacy.



Over time, computer hardware requires upgrades or fails, and various programs, such as for system care (anti-malware, etc.) require renewing.  



Something I would like to do in the future is to try raising awareness of Kalamazoo Hope through booths at such events as the Kalamazoo Wellness and Recovery Fair and Kalamazoo Pride



Items like ink cartridges, paper, and other day-to-day use products need continual replacing.



KHOPE's website involves various fees, such as for the domain name itself and website builder to create and maintain it.

I'd Like to Make a Donation to Help My Community!

To make a donation, please visit my MiABLE account; MiABLE is Michigan's approach to the Achieving Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act, which allows individuals with disabilities that presented before age 26 to establish a special savings account; this account lets the individual save money without losing benefits such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and the Extra Help program due to resource limits.  Additional information can be found through the ABLE National Resource Center.

Due to the setup of the system, donations must be at least $25.  These amounts can be tax deductible on the state level. 

WIth thanks in advance to those who choose to offer support,

Scott Anderson, 

Creator and Peer Guide

Making a Difference

How much does a $25 donation help?

- A single monthly donation will cover the recent  increase in KHOPE's cost

- Two donations will be able to cover all of KHOPE's current operating expenses

- Three individuals regularly donating $25 per month will not only cover the costs to operate Kalamazoo Hope, but provide enough funding to help increase awareness of its resources

Additional Ways One Can Help Kalamazoo Hope

A very valuable step one can take is to help spread awareness of Kalamazoo Hope and its services; some options include:

1) Word of mouth

2 ) Liking, Following, and Sharing Kalamazoo Hope on Facebook, as well as mentioning Kalamazoo Hope in one's social media

3) Placing KHOPE's business cards at one's place of work (available for free upon request)

4) Including a link to Kalamazoo Hope on your personal, business, or organization's website